Illustration Friday #17

Topic: Exotic

Topic: Exotic

The written word and fonts are one of the things I find endlessly fascinating and interesting.  The way each culture chooses to represent ideas in the form of combined images that get call words. Everything from illuminated lettering, calligraphy, asian or middle eastern scripts, to fun plays on letters like that above. I’m captivated by graffiti lettering (even though I can’t read it most of the time). It’s so abstract and expressive, but it’s still written words. There are people out there that can read a person’s handwriting and tell you about the writer’s personality based on how an ‘r’ or a ‘q’ is written. I wonder if there are people that can tell you about the personality of a culture based on the way their writing systems look? In any case, I had fun using the word as part of the illustration challenge this week. Hope you like it.

Illustration Friday #8

Things have been busy. ‘Tis the season and all. Again I am behind in Illustration Friday land. Here’s number 8. The topic was Shadow. I decided to do some process scans with this one.  I could have spent even more time it, but I feel like I needed to move on. One. I’m behind. Two. I think I would push it too far and wreck it. Three. I’m pretty sure I’m fussing with things that I need to do different from the start.

My idea for this one would have been more smoothly executed on a bristol or less textured paper, but I wanted to try it anyway and see how far it could go and what a textured look might yield in results. I’m happy I did do it this way. I was a little hesitant and wanted to stop at the third scan, but I’m glad I kept going and wasn’t so “delicate” in last pass.