Santa’s Companions

It’s my turn in the Sister Sketch Exchange and this time around I was having a bit of trouble figuring out what to do. I usually use this exchange as a way to experiment with things I have ideas about. Right now though my ideas are more other materials dimensional than paper related dimensional. If that makes sense. Finally inspiration did hit and out of it came little present doors with “Santa’s Companions” behind them. It started out as being a Krampus thing but then evolved when I found something referring to all these different characters as known “associates” of Santa. These guys are there to make him look good, or they are thought to be previous incarnations of Santa before he became more pleasant. It was a bit tricky to photo but hopefully you get the idea.

EPSON scanner image

Your can sort of see the doors in this pic when they are in their closed position.


Illustration Friday #45 & #46

Both of these drawings I found hard to do. Faces and large amounts of repetition and detail I find hard. Mostly because I feel like I have trouble focusing on just one thing at a time. I get overwhelmed by the detail and can’t seem to find a through line. I am happy with the results though. New goal is to try and do some detail sketches like this more frequently to hopefully start being able to see through all the “clutter” easier and sharpen my observation skills.

Topic: Silence

Topic: Silence

This one was a good excuse for some Dr. Who fan art. 🙂

Topic: Octopus

Topic: Octopus



Process of this weeks Illustration Friday.