Illustration Friday #8

Things have been busy. ‘Tis the season and all. Again I am behind in Illustration Friday land. Here’s number 8. The topic was Shadow. I decided to do some process scans with this one.  I could have spent even more time it, but I feel like I needed to move on. One. I’m behind. Two. I think I would push it too far and wreck it. Three. I’m pretty sure I’m fussing with things that I need to do different from the start.

My idea for this one would have been more smoothly executed on a bristol or less textured paper, but I wanted to try it anyway and see how far it could go and what a textured look might yield in results. I’m happy I did do it this way. I was a little hesitant and wanted to stop at the third scan, but I’m glad I kept going and wasn’t so “delicate” in last pass.