Illustration Friday #11

banyan sm

Topic: Spirit


The year is quickly coming to a close and I am catching up. Yay! Received some lovely books and build it projects for Christmas so of course distraction is everywhere. That’s alright. Things will settle in soon.

Here is the latest. Went back into my archives and decided to draw a Banyan tree. It was inspired by a trip taken to Maui a number of years ago. Loved all the plant life on that island, but the trees were especially amazing to me. I could stare up at them for hours. I wanted to try out a really tight style this time. Ink and coloured pencil. Time consuming but I really liked doing this one. It is quite large compared to some of the others 14″ x 6″. There is a nice zen when you get into a drawing of this type. Tried to focus on creating some depth and good shadows and forms. Also tried washing out some of the colour on the right like it was the brighter parts. Not sure if it really succeeds. Kinda feels a bit unfinished compared to the left. Overall enjoyed this. May do a few more of this ilk. Again, I did a scan mid way for a little process look.