Illustration Friday #28

Well I’ve finally freed myself from the all encompassing job that took over EVERYTHING. Caught up on life stuff a bit and now I’m getting back to some drawing time. I have been absent for a month and a half  (or so) on the Illustration Friday’s. Wow that flew by fast! I contemplated trying to do a catch up on all the missed ones, like in the past, but decided against it. Mainly this is because there are other projects I’m interested starting in so why bog it all down when this is supposed to FUN and not a chore. So here it is! I’m continuing with this last Friday’s word. Contraption.


Topic: Contraption

Topic: Contraption


Illustration Friday #27

A little out of order. I haven’t finished last weeks topic (#26) because I had an idea for something I wanted to draw for this one almost instantly. I’ll do last weeks this weekend before next weeks. 🙂

Topic: Natural

Topic: Natural

Fern 2


Finished the exercise. Learned a lot about tools to put on masking fluid. Mostly what a odd product it is. I can see it’s usefulness though.

Trying Something New

I’ve been hearing a lot about WordPress these days. I’m also feeling a little stifled by my other blogs options so I thought I would give this a shot for a bit. I’m hoping this blog will be able to connect easier with people stopping in for a look. I’m a theatre artisan. Which is a fancy way of saying that I build props and scenic paint for theatre, mostly, but over the years I have worked on films, large scale events, festivals and  dance productions to name a few. I’m also a creator of illustrations, paintings and dimensional work. All of which I hope to display here. My latest endeavour is participating in the Little Chimp Societies weekly challenge. check out the separate page up top. So without further adeiu…here we go!