Mini Works 2

More of the 4×4 creature drawings.

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Mini Works

As I figure out what my goals will be for this year, I have been doing some small 4″ x 4″ drawings with my Curious Creature characters. I’ve been playing with paper types and colour combos. One thing I do know is that I’m ready to expand and add a few creatures to the  world. Here are some of the experiments.

Reach out and touchDangerous WatersCoral

Art Swap

I’m really drawn to these one off art things for some reason. Maybe because their random and allow me to procrastinate from things I “should be doing”.

Enter Light Grey Art Lab. They had an artist art swap taking place before Christmas. Thinking this would be a great way to connect with a random artist in another city, into the hat my name was entered. A few days later an email appeared with a listing of all the partnered up people.

It work out that I was paired up with another Canadian woman. Her name is Jill Bogart and she does some really lovely illustrations. I especially love her Spoonflower patterns. Do check her out if you have a chance.

Now to the exchange! I have been itching to make some movable art pieces for awhile now and inspiration struck. My little Ave Paradisus character that I love to draw is always up to mischief so why not a trip across Canada to deliver a message. 🙂 Below is the work in it’s “closed” state and then after you run the tab with the starfish on it up…behold a holiday message 🙂 It was really too much fun.

So what did she send me you ask? Well… a whole lot of awesome that’s what.

She had been making felt ornaments as gifts for people and she made me my very own felted Curious Creature! The same critter that I sent to her. Coincidence? YES, because neither of us new what we were sending each other. They came with a couple of great “backgrounds” that are prints of some of the patterns she sells in her Spoonflower shop. Check out the stuff she sent below.

This was a super fun swap. Hoping I get to do it again next year.




Colouring Book Submission


The Reef

The Reef


My submission for the Doodlers Anonymous Colouring Book Vol. IV edition. Entered last year with a very simple ocean theme. This year’s is still aquatic in theme but MUCH more detailed. Let’s see how it does.

And the winner is….

Congratulations to…



You will shortly be the owner of a Series 1 Card Set from the Society of Curious Creatures. Yay! Hope you enjoy them!

Curious Creature Series 1 Card Set Giveaway!

ave paradisus sm s1 win me

To help promote the launch of my web store I am giving away one of the Limited Edition 3 Card Sets on sale in my store. Woo Hoo! Here’s how you can enter.

1. Like this Post (it’s how I’ll find you)

2. Reblog any of my posts you’ve enjoyed from this site.

3. Follow the site for updates!

Winner will be chosen at random on September 19th!

For more info on what’s in the card set head on over to my Store.

Store Launch

If you haven’t noticed I have added a new icon to the side bar. It’s my new web store and it OPENS TODAY! This year has been about having the courage to work towards ideas I’ve had for a long time but for one reason or another have never followed through on. So here we go! 🙂

With the Curiosity Cabinets and Kaleido Festival as a vehicle for introducing my Curious Creatures  Series, I am opening a web store that will feature these creatures in a limited edition postcard set. It’s a small run with only 15 sets available. I’m calling it Series 1 in hopes that I can release more ( different) collectible sets in the future. This set of creatures is ocean based but I have ideas for land and and sky creatures to come. This site will also be a forum to offer original drawings and paintings from not only my Curious Creature Series but some of my other work as well.

Head on over to my website and check out more info on the Society Of Curious Creatures or better yet head on over to the Store and pick yourself up a set of cards. 🙂