Bought myself a book at Christmas on Botanical Illustration. Working on the first exercise. Really enjoying how quick it gets into things.


6 Comments on “Fern”

  1. It looks great. What is the name of the book? Can’t wait to see more. Karen


    • Thank you Karen! The book is called Exotic Botanical Illustration with the Eden Project by Rosie Martin and Meriel Thurstan. There are a few books by these authors on botanical illustration. I chose the one that will probably turn out to be quite challenging, but tropicals are not readily found in my snowy climbs so I thought they might be fun. We’ll see when I get to the pineapple section. 🙂 I’ll definitely post bits as I go.


  2. ReLicia says:

    Wow! That looks amazing! 🙂 I’ve always been interested in botanical illustration. I had no idea there were great books out there on the subject. Glad to know 🙂


    • The internet is your friend in the world of tracking down odd books not in your local bookstore. Though there aren’t many ‘local’ bookstores left. 😦 When choosing I like to read reviews or have a look see inside if possible. I’ve purchased books before and been disappointed when I haven’t done a little extra research. Have fun hunting! 🙂


  3. garden98110 says:

    A hundred years ago, a boat through the Straits of Georgia might take weeks. Now, you share your progress today. With a snap. Cooperation is healing. Thanks for the courage to share your vision. – The Healing Garden gardener P.S. Thank you for the name of an excellent book.


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