Illustration Friday #12 & #13

# 13 Topic: Time

# 13 Topic: Time

My quest continues in trying to get these done on time. Alas, here are the latest.

These two are a prime example of my hit and miss approach in trying out ideas and techniques. Time was done with a calligraphy pen and ink. Really enjoyed the uneven line the nib will give you. I may have to try this more in the future. Finished it off with Copic and Faber Castell markers. Best part was finally getting to use the reference pics from a mushroom foraging session I did a could years ago.


#12 Topic: Reflect

#12 Topic: Reflect


This one turned out to be a miss in my mind. I was trying to go for a really washy look with the watercolours and then add in some defining lines after. My fail here I think was in using the ink pens. I should have gone in with a brush and ink, or watercolour, in black after it had dried. I think some fat, loose, broad lines would have made this more successful. The reflection part worked out ok. Reflections aren’t my strong suit. It’s an area I need to work on for sure. Oh time. 🙂





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  1. hihowsyou25 says:

    lovely illustration and awesome blog to !


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