Illustration Friday #9 & #10

Things have gotten busy the last month. No surprise to most I’m sure being December and all, but it’s not Christmas things. What was supposed to be a very slow month of work for me at the theatre and a great time to work on some of my personal projects has turned out to be the complete opposite! Gah!

These two are more simple than previous posts but there are a few things that happened in my haste that I like and am hoping to explore more.

#9. Topic :Refrain

#9. Topic :Refrain

I chose to take refrain to mean to avoid. My repeating flower numb (I know you all totally got that form this 😉 ) not only repeats, but it repeats unevenly and not the same in colouring and detail. The colours are pretty extreme from the originals. It’s done in watercolour and ink. Not happy with the scan, but no time to do a little colour correction. Note to self …figure out the settings on scanner. 🙂

In any case, what I’m liking is some of the watercolour/ ink line combos. Not much variation in my line weights which is something I’m trying to work on. Liking some of the things in the second one in from the left and the fourth and fifth in from the left.

# 10. Topic: Pattern

# 10. Topic: Pattern

This guy was about about simplicity and repetition. Though I think I failed a bit since the “pattern” doesn’t really repeat so much as it’s the same image. Oh well 🙂 What I got out of it was the desire to work on images that are more “simple” but thought out. I tend to want to get very complicated and intricate. It stalls me sometimes. Simple images, while buy no means easier, are a good wrench to throw into the works every now and again to think about what’s necessary and what is just being used as filler.

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